I grew up in Idaho in the country surrounded by farms.  I attended Ricks College in my hometown (now BYU Idaho) and received an Associates in Fine Art.  I then met and married my husband and attended BYU in Provo UT where I studied Illustration and received a Bachelors Degree.  We lived and worked in Southern California where our I did random art projects, including an art show in Redlands, CA.
I have two blond kids who love art and are very encouraging.  I live in Virginia now where I've taught some art lessons and have raised my kids and cleaned up their piles of drawings and crayon shavings.
Now that the kids are getting older I have more time to focus on my art career.  My son really wants to see me publish my ABC book.  The other day I said to him, "You know you can do anything you set your mind to," and he said, "Then you need to get your ABC book published."
So there you have it.  There is no reason I can't.  So I will.  And hopefully I will create and publish many more books in the future.